Something’s Missing in Lusaka 

If you have been reading my blogs you will be aware that I am with a team of six people making my way across the globe to Loloma in the North West Province of Zambia, Africa. So far we have traveled from Manchester to Dubai and Dubai to Lusaka. Everything was going well until we were nearly in Lusaka – then they dropped the bombshell. “Your luggage is in Dubai, you are going to be in Lusaka in an hour and we’ll get our cases to you as soon as we can”. 

I suspected as much but was assured that this would not be the case. When we were running (well walking at a reasonable trot) between one end of Terminal 3 and the other (in Dubai) I asked the ground staff what would happen to our cases as I was unconvinced that they would get to our plane before it took off.. Two members of staff, on separate ocassions, assured me that if we got on the Lusaka flight so would our cases. Well they didn’t!

Promises can be empty! Words can be cheap. It’s easy to say a thing but not so easy to carry out what you say. Unless of course you are God. The Bible says that He is ‘faithful and true,’ Rev. 19:11. There are many verses that speak about the trustworthiness of God. Paul, the apostle, wrote to Timothy one day to tell him about a statement that was worth trusting – ‘This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief,” 1 Timothy 1:15. 

Can you trust an Airline? Well to be fair, you can most of the time! But things will go wrong and the best of people cannot deliver the goods all of the time. You can, however, trust God. He is unchanging in His character, unyielding in His holiness, unlimited in His strength, unstinted in His generosity, unbending in His fairness and justice and unrestricted in His grace. 

How does that all work? That’s a good question to which the only genuine answer is have a look at Jesus, who He claimed to be and what He achieved by His death, burial and resurrection. 

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Our flight eventually took off at 10:35 pm from Manchester. We were traveling in the biggest plane that I have ever been in – an Airbus A380-800. It was quite an experience. Emirates are a great airline to fly with. Even in ‘economy’ the loo’s are quite posh and you have a feeling of quality about the service. 

We were pushed for time when we landed in Dubai at 0810. We should have been in at 0725 which would have given us two hours between flights. But we didn’t get off the plane until nearly 0830. So, we had just under an hour to get from one flight to another. The heat (30 degrees plus) hit us as we exited the plane. You felt as if you could have cut through the heat with a knife. Once in the Terminal we were met by an Emirates representative who walked us through the Airport to Gate 30, Terminal 3. It is good to have a guide when you don’t know the way. This reminded me of the words of Jesus. He once said that He was ‘the way, the truth and the life,’ John 14:6. If we ever want to come to the Father (God) it must be through the Lord Jesus, He is the only access we have to God and heaven. Finding your way through an Airport can be a nightmare if you don’t know the way. You could go the way you think is right but end up in the wrong place. The Bible says it’s like that in life. There is a way that seems right…but the end thereof are the ways of death, Proverbs 14:12, 16:25. 
We are now on the next stage of our journey – Dubai to Lusaka. Some of our team are asleep as the night flight has taken its toll. The sun is shining, as you would expect it do do above the clouds in the Middle East. We are cruising at 562 mph and we have a head wind of 11 mph. There are six hours to go until Lusaka (God willing) and then we can relax for the evening and prepare ourselves for the penultimate stage of the journey – Lusaka to Solwezi. 
In the meantime every blessing to you all. 

We are on our way to Loloma in Zambia. When I say we I mean six of us. A doctor, a nurse, a seamstress, a cabinet maker, a theatre technician and a preacher. 
It’s been a long time in the planning but we are actually sitting in Manchester Airport waiting to fly out. Our flight should leave at 9:15 pm but it’s been delayed by an hour. We don’t know the reason why but sometimes God is protecting us by our delays. Think of the many car crashes you have come across. Did you ever think – ‘if I had been here 10 minutes earlier then it could have been me in that wreckage’. God is good to us in ways that we are not yet aware of.
Life is so unpredictable. Lusaka, the capital of Zambia is currently under a curfew. Locals have to be in the their houses by 8 pm. The missionaries in Loloma face the prospect of malaria every week! Just last week there was a break out of food poisoning due to a lizard falling into a pot. A little boy died and over 40 people were admitted to the local hospital. 
The scripture ‘trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding’ springs to mind. 
If you are a praying person we would appreciate your prayers as we start out on this adventure. Our aim in going is to encourage the local Christians and missionaries. 

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