Our flight eventually took off at 10:35 pm from Manchester. We were traveling in the biggest plane that I have ever been in – an Airbus A380-800. It was quite an experience. Emirates are a great airline to fly with. Even in ‘economy’ the loo’s are quite posh and you have a feeling of quality about the service. 

We were pushed for time when we landed in Dubai at 0810. We should have been in at 0725 which would have given us two hours between flights. But we didn’t get off the plane until nearly 0830. So, we had just under an hour to get from one flight to another. The heat (30 degrees plus) hit us as we exited the plane. You felt as if you could have cut through the heat with a knife. Once in the Terminal we were met by an Emirates representative who walked us through the Airport to Gate 30, Terminal 3. It is good to have a guide when you don’t know the way. This reminded me of the words of Jesus. He once said that He was ‘the way, the truth and the life,’ John 14:6. If we ever want to come to the Father (God) it must be through the Lord Jesus, He is the only access we have to God and heaven. Finding your way through an Airport can be a nightmare if you don’t know the way. You could go the way you think is right but end up in the wrong place. The Bible says it’s like that in life. There is a way that seems right…but the end thereof are the ways of death, Proverbs 14:12, 16:25. 
We are now on the next stage of our journey – Dubai to Lusaka. Some of our team are asleep as the night flight has taken its toll. The sun is shining, as you would expect it do do above the clouds in the Middle East. We are cruising at 562 mph and we have a head wind of 11 mph. There are six hours to go until Lusaka (God willing) and then we can relax for the evening and prepare ourselves for the penultimate stage of the journey – Lusaka to Solwezi. 
In the meantime every blessing to you all.